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Caring Boise, Idaho law firm

Personal attention to your legal needs

The attorneys at Goss Gustavel Goss, PLLC take care of the legal requirements that arise during all the stages of your life.  We are sensitive to your needs and give each matter our personal attention.  Every client is treated with respect by us and our staff.  We return all phone calls promptly.  We realize that every case or issue is as unique as each client we help.

Attorneys preparing you for life events

Goss Gustavel and Goss are knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who can assist you in a range of legal matters including:

  • Drafting your will to provide for your family and reduce estate taxes
  • Preparing a pre-nuptial agreement to protect the personal assets your own before you get married
  • Setting up a post-nuptial agreement after you are married
  • Providing for children in a will or trust designed to fulfill your intentions
  • Designating the guardian of your choice to take care of your children and your property in case you pass away while the children are still minors
  • Handling the legal part of the process if you decide to adopt children
  • Probating your will and distributing your assets in the event of your death
  • Representing you if you are involved in a criminal misdemeanor such as a charge of driving under the influence
  • Representing your children if they are involved in a juvenile crime
  • Protecting your rights and property if you are getting divorced
  • Encouraging mediation when a court battle is inappropriate and can be avoided
  • Making sure that your children are financially supported by your ex-spouse
  • Guarding you with an order of protection if a family member physically or mentally abuses you
  • Fighting for you to get custody of your children
  • Fighting for favorable visitation rights and making sure they are enforced
  • Appling to the court to modify support agreements when the financial situation of either ex-spouse has changed
  • Fight to terminate parental rights when appropriate

 Experienced attorneys striving for constructive resolutions

Contact Goss Gustavel Goss, PLLC at (208) 345-9974 to be represented by a firm that recognizes the emotional trauma involved in your personal and family legal issues.  We put our clients at ease until a resolution is found.

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